Tips for increasing membership for your health club through online marketing

The fun thing about being an entrepreneur is the fact that money can be made anywhere from an existing need. All you need is to have the capacity to meet those needs for a nominal or exorbitant fee, depending on your pricing.

One constant need in our communities across gender lines and all demographics is the need to keep fit. Owners of health & fitness establishments have an incredible concept that has a great business potential for those who get over the marketing hump.

 Unfortunately, although advertising on mainstream media is necessary, the cost can be prohibitively steep with no guaranteed results. Fortunately for gym owners, the advent of the Internet, smart devices, and social media have revolutionized the possibilities for engaging customers and visitors on a more personal level.

Every enterprise shares a common denominator: Expanding the customer base to become or remain lucrative. Unlike TV, Radio, and print, which is a one-way conversation, online marketing allows you to interact with leads and customers in an engaging back and forth that builds loyalty and can increase membership over time.

Here we look at some tips on how to increase your gym membership through online media 

A). Create a smashing website

An excellent website should be at the top of your list because your site becomes the focal point for your entire online presence. Every page should aim at attracting visitors and keeping them on your site a little longer.

Your site is the first impression that visitors have when they search for you online, and as such, it needs to be a positive and an impactful one. An exceptional website will be functional and navigable with interactive features that engage your customers and visitors longer.

Remember, having a website is important because it’s an investment that has long-term relevance. After your website is up and running, you will need to perform search engine optimization, SEO, to ensure it is easy for visitors to find you online.

B). Get active on social media

  • Facebook and twitter will not only help you share news and updates with followers but will allow you to get crucial feedback from members and resolve any complaints.
  • Instagram allows you to post photos highlighting the special features of your gym and staff members.
  • Pinterest will allow you to create a visual collection of fitness gear you like or post favorite healthy recipes.

More than ever you are now more enabled to market your gym and fitness programs/products online with more efficacies and at zero cost.

C). Host fitness Webinars 

The power of multimedia in online marketing is undisputed and an excellent way to promote your gym online. A most useful and practical way to demonstrate your gym’s results is by showcasing members working out in your facility. Consider hosting a fitness related webinar.

What to include in a webinar for your gym;

  • Promote your gym and talk about fitness and health
  • Show off new work out programs for specific demographics and their results
  • Recruit your trainers and members to speak of the importance of physical fitness and what they have gained from working out in your facility

 The point is to show off your fitness expertise, the facility, and equipment all at once.

D). Introduce an Email news letter

An email is a useful tool that can help to market your gym and fitness programs. Keep your gym, health and fitness as a top priority for your members and prospects in a non-intrusive way by sending periodic (monthly, weekly) email-newsletters featuring new stories, photos, and videos of whatever content is interesting to your readers.

Be sure to employ best practices to remain professional and respectful of your member’s wishes and privacy.

Engaging your members and prospects will build loyalty and widen the customer base for your health & fitness establishment. And there is no cheaper and more efficient way to do it than online.

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